Tesla’s tower in Zlatibor

The international youth scientific-research center Tesla’s Tower will be built on Zlatibor, according to the Memorandum of Understanding.

As part of the future complex, in addition to the monumental tower of about 100 meters, there will be a scientific, educational and research center, a museum and various interactive contents.

The tower will be unique, not a replica of the experimental and demolished tower in America, which Nikola Tesla built more than a century ago.

Tesla’s tower will be an educational center, a symbol of creative energy, a project of enlightenment, creative fantasy and awareness of the importance of Tesla.

The tower, which is presented in the form of a video animation, will not be the final version of that building.

With the construction of Tesla’s tower, which will certainly become a world attraction, Zlatibor will get the opportunity to develop as a cultural and scientific tourist destination.


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