Museum “Old Village” Sirogojno: Program for summer 2020.

Visitors to this attractive locality can expect many beautiful events in July and August.

In the open-air museum “Staro selo”, Sirogojno, the work of photographing museum exhibits in digital form and making black and white photographs for the inventory file is coming to an end.

During June and July, exhibitions from the art fund of the Museum are planned, and in the second half of August, an exhibition from the International Children’s Colony “Jagart” in cooperation with the Homeland Museum from Priboj. On the day of the Museum and the museum celebration of the Fiery Mary on July 30 – this year, the emphasis will be on marking the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of the Museum.

As every year, it is planned to mark the holidays Vidovdan, Ivanjdan, Petrovdan with animating the visitors in the traditional way of doing business. For the 10th time this year, the Fair of Old Crafts will be held on August 2, as well as the 10th Music Festival “World of Music” – on August 8. From this year, also in August, the Museum introduces new content – music workshops with Bilja Krstić and the “Bistrik” orchestra.


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